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 2018 Detroit Coyote Travel

Coyote travel is an out of season club that provides the female lacrosse player entering grades 6-12 in Summer and Fall of 2017 both instructional and competitive opportunities to …

develop new skills and techniques as well as responsibility and respect

elevate her game and herself by finding confidence on and off the field

compete with the best in the US and challenge herself to take risks in order to succeed.


Detroit Lacrosse Club has something for every ambitious lacrosse player and the Coyote Travel program is no exception.  We have 3 different unique opportunities for players to advance their individual stick skills, develop teamwork, master game concepts and have fun while working with some of the best coaches around.



  • 16 – 20 Practices – Typically 8-10 each season.
  • Skill Development
  • Recruiting Support and Advice
  • Player Assessment
  • Tournament Exposure
  • Player Recommendation Letters Upon Request

*Discounted Cost for the Detroit Summer Academy and Winter Programs


SELECT ENROLLMENT – Most Advanced Level Player

Select status is for players that have aspirations to play lacrosse in college and are highly committed to gaining exposure by participating in recruiting tournaments.


  • High school players must commit to 5 tournaments throughout summer/fall
  • Middle school players must commit to 3 tournaments throughout summer/fall
  • Attend 80% of scheduled practices


OPEN ENROLLMENT – Intermediate – Advanced Level

Open status is best suited for players who are undecided about playing lacrosse in college and simply want to benefit from playing in summer/fall tournaments to improve their level of competitiveness and skill.


  • Attend all of scheduled practices
  • High School & Middle School players encouraged to participate in at least 2 tournaments throughout summer/fall



Developing status is best suited for players that simply want to practice so they can better their game for high school/middle school spring season. Players will develop their individual skills, gain lacrosse knowledge, and elevate their level of play. Will receive all the training and attention that Select and Open players receive.


  • Encouraged to attend Detroit Summer Academy
  • Participate in all practices throughout summer/fall season
  • Girls have the option of full or seasonal membership



Annual Membership for Select and Open Status Players: $525  Summer or Fall Only $300

Membership for Development Status Players: $265 Summer $250 Fall

Uniform and Practice Reversible – Paid to Vendor.

All Coyote Travel players must be a member of US Lacrosse. 

Player membership can be obtained at  This is a mandatory to belong to Detroit Lacrosse Club programs.  This is an annual membership and all players must be a current member to be eligible for practice, camp and/or tournaments.

Membership is mandatory to play with the DLC in 2018.  Select and Open Membership Application as well as a $200 deposit is due 1/15/2018 to hold your spot. The total 2018 Annual Membership fee is due by March 19, 2018. Memberships are taken on a first come basis and we do have team cut offs.  We reserve the right to accept or decline any late registrations. This annual fee is non-refundable and does not cover add-on tournament costs, travel or lodging.
Add-On Tournament fees range from $75 to $250 based on tournament cost, location and length of tournament, players participation, coaching and administrative cost.  Summer Add-On Tournament Commitment Sign-Ups will be out in January 2018.  Fall Tournament Commitment Sign-Ups will be out in July 2018
Travel, food and lodging are the responsibility of each member.  DLC will offer a suggested itinerary for each tournament so that families are able to travel together.  Many tournaments require players to stay at the teams assigned hotel to be eligible to play.   DLC does offer a Solo travel option as well. A Solo traveler is a DLC member who travels by herself to an event with the DLC staff.  Each event provides different specific arrangements, being a Solo traveler means that DLC organizes travel arrangements and gets the itinerary to parents for transportation to and from the event, lodging and meal cost.  This is an option for parents who want to decrease travel expenses and ensure safety with this chaperone service. Solo fees are in addition to tournament fees.  Solo fees are not refundable. In the event of a family tragedy or immediate injury 50% of Solo fees will be credited toward a future event.
FUNDRAISER: DLC will hold one fundraiser.  All players are required to participate.  This fundraiser offsets the rising cost of tournament fees, field rental, coaches pay and administration fees.
The recruiting process is a tricky one with many twists and turns. At DLC, we are here for you every step of the way as part of your membership.  We do not take responsibility for doing the work for our players, nor can we guarantee a scholarship, but we guide them along as they pursue their dream of playing in college. In as much as the player and her family want to access our staff for guidance and support, we will be available.  DLC conducts a recruiting seminar each year for its players.
What you should expect from DLC is commitment, competence, professionalism as well as a laughter and fun. We will be honest – no matter what.
What we expect from you is that you let us do our job:
• Make each player better  • Manage expectations  • Determine who should be on what team  • Support each girl in her OWN process of one day playing in college if that is her goal.
Our core values are respect, responsibility, commitment and having fun.  All members can expect the DLC staff to represent and live up to these values to the best of our abilities and we will expect the same from them.


2018 Coyote Travel Season
We will be offering 5-8 tournaments throughout the summer and fall of 2017.  This is a partial list and will be updated as dates and details of tournaments become available. 
Add-On Tournament fees range from $75 to $250 based on tournament cost, location and length of tournament, players participation, coaching and administrative cost. Summer Tournament Commitment Sign-Up will be out in January 2018 with Tournament fees due in April 1, 2018.  Payment plans will be available.  Fall Tournament Commitment Sign-Ups will be due later then July 2018 and fees due September 1, 2018.  Payment plans will be available.
Below is a list of the important dates of the 2018 Coyote Travel Season.  This includes practice season start and end dates, Brine Coyote Camp dates and tournaments we have already put down deposits on or are planning on attending.  All tournaments Are subject to change based on participation of players.

2018 Coyote Travel Summer Season Starts - June of 2018

IWLCA Midwest Cup Cup- July 14-15, 2018  Rockford, IL.  2019-2021 Teams Only

Junior Cup- July 14 and 15, 2018, Rockford, IL. 2022 & Younger Teams

IWLCA Capital Cup- July 20-22, 2018, Midlothian, VA, 2018-2020 Teams

Indian Prairie Showdown-  July 27-29, 2018,  Naperville, IL. All Teams

2018 Coyote Travel Summer Season Ends - July 29, 2018

2018 Coyote Travel Fall Season Starts - September 9, 2018

Midwest Showcase- November 2018, Evanston, IL All Teams

There are also one day and local tournaments that pop up throughout the Fall travel season that Detroit Coyotes attend depending on player schedules.  These tournaments are smaller in size and usually are 3v3, 5v5 or 7v7 tournaments held at college campuses.  As tournaments are advertised we will notify families and take as many teams and players as possible. 

2018 Coyote Travel Fall Season Ends - November , 2018